Sunday, May 15, 2011

Did someone say Cosmo's?

This is my favorite drink.  A cosmopolitan.  Its a drink made famous by the HBO series and movie 'Sex in the City".  It comes in a martini glass with a wedge of lime.  Very prissy.  I only drink on special occasions and going on vacation is a very special occasion.

We were waiting to board the plane to Ireland.  Apparently, Philadelphia Airport wanted us to have a very easy time going through security. We went in and out within 15 minutes. It was a breeze at the checkpoints.  We now had two and one half hours to kill so we went to the nearest bar. 

To our surprise it was the only one in our terminal.  The drinks were great but the service was very slow. Bill couldn't get the server's attention for a second round. We normal stay in one place but since it was our first vacation  in years we decided to go somewhere else.  We then realized we had to go to another terminal to get a drink. Good stretch of  the legs!!

We came to a seafood establishment.  We decided to get something to eat after hearing the specials.  We ordered our drinks and shared a crab stuffed flounder.  My drink was horrible and the food was worse.  I ate some of it but Bill couldn't stomach it. 

As you can imagine, we wanted to get out of there quickly but again the server was nowhere to be found.  Bill had to get the manager to cash us out. 

How disappointing.  We walked all the way back and just hunkered down in the waiting area until they called for boarding. 

We arrived in Ireland.  We did a little sight-seeing and then had dinner. It wasn't until the following night when we went to an Irish pub.  Ronan took us.  He is Annette's brother.  The woman who we are staying with for the week.

He took us to O'Brien's Corner House.

Ronan asked what we would like and Bill ordered a Guinness and I asked for a cosmo. You thought I asked him something in another language.  I found out I did. He never heard of such a drink.

For a split second, I thought I would be on this vacation and go dry.  I don't like beer and if they didn't know about a cosmo, I was not going to get the other girly city drinks I like.

His facial expression made me laugh.   Bill saved the day by telling him what the two main ingredients to the concoction.  Cranberry juice and vodka.  The relief on Ronan's face was priceless.  I didn't know how I would like this drink but it turns out I rather enjoyed it better. 


Most places from there on out, I knew how to ask for my new favorite drink.  When we went to people's homes, they had the ingredients for my drink. The story of my cosmo dilemma got around. It gave everyone a chuckle.

The best thing about drinking was I did not get a hangover the following day. Now mind you I do not have a problem.  It's just nice to have the options to drink rather then not being able to drink because no one every heard of a silly drink.

With or without the alcohol,  I had the best vacation ever.  Thank you Ronan for an awesome memory!!

Ireland forever!!




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