Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Return of Game Night

When my children were very young, we would have Family Funday Sunday. We would have a big breakfast, rent a movie, or play a game. It was a way to just be together and be silly. Life moves on, the kids have moved away some across state lines and I miss those days of being with them on a regular basis.
I have found a way to continue family game night.  Thank you, Steve Jobs!  For having the vision to open our worlds to new ways of communicating!

I happened to stumble upon this idea and it slowly developed into something I look forward to every Saturday night.  It started, when I  began watching a TV show on the BBC channel called The Graham Norton show.  I love this show.  It is very spirited.  All the guests come out and they are interview together.  I think this is a much better way to do the interviews.  It is more relaxed and the the language is more freer.

Graham Norton is an Irish comedian with a English talk show.  He asks outrageous questions and loves to be silly.  It is light hearted.  I was thrilled to find out that he was coming out with a game show.   It is called What Would You Rather Do?
The game show asks extreme questions such as "would you rather get shot in the knee or eat dog food for a year?"  Awful, sometimes cringe worthy, but mostly humorous scenarios. At least, my type of humor.  I laughed so much that I decided to text the questions to the kids. I did use judgement on some questions.  Moms do not need to know certain things.

I didn't realize I was starting something until they started to text back.  I just figured they would get a laugh for my ridiculousness. They had crazy answers which made me laugh even harder.  The 30 minutes flew by. I felt a little sad that it was over so quickly.  I wanted to keep it going.

I decided to do it the following weekend and so forth. Come to find out the kids also enjoy doing this as much as I do.   I found a way to keep a family game night courtesy of the technological advances we have in this day an age.  If only for a half hour, we are doing something together even though we are far way from each other to just be silly.

Thankful Abbie


  1. I love your idea too! I'm hoping to start more traditions with my kids this year.


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