Thursday, January 5, 2012

Havana in New York

I am going to NY on a regular basis, since my father had his health scare (nightmare).  I try to do different things when I come.  I don't want coming to New York with dread.  I love this city and always want to remember it fondly.  I arrived early on this particular visit and I called my parents to let them know I was on my way.

They didn't answer the phone. I tried calling for over an hour with no luck.  I guessed that they were out since my dad is feeling better. I decided to explore.  It would give me a chance to enjoy a walk through the city.

I picked the busiest day in NY to visit.  I felt safe surrounded by so many people.  I love the mass of people.  All different kinds of people.   I kind of fall into a NY mode, pushing my way through the mob in my three inch heels no less.  I walked towards
Times Square. 

This is the closest I have ever been to the NY Eve's ball. 

Most New Yorkers don't do tourist things so I never came to these areas.  It was not until I met my husband that I started to look at all the things that NY had to offer. 

Times Square was very busy on this chilly night. the crowds were in full force.  Hoping to get good deals on the After Christmas sales.  There were street performers -  two Statue of Liberty people  on stilts waiting to get their picture taken with tourists in the plaza  area.  Mickey and Minne Mouse were in front of GMA getting their picture taken with children.

I even saw Santa on his motorcycle.  I guess since his job was done for the year he was looking for extra cash.  There is a recession that even effects the North Pole.

It was a brisk night and I was looking for a warm place with good food.  I could kill some time until I could get a hold of my parents and figure out where I was going to rest my weary head for the night, if I didn't get a hold of them.  

I was going to T.G.I.Fridays when I saw the pub that Bill, his cousins, and I went to during the summer.  I was heading in that direction when I came upon another restaurant.  It is called Havana's.

I glazed over the menu they had posted outside on the stand.  I decided to go in and chance it.  It smelled good that my tummy started to rumble.  Party of one.  The hostess said I could sit at the bar but the seat was right off the bar.  It looked sad and lonely.  I no problem sitting at the bar but I don't want to feel isolated.

The restaurant was very busy.  I decided not to look at the menu until I got to the table and  I sat in the waiting area and enjoyed the ambiance.

I was taken to the middle of the place against the wall and I was able to see most to the restaurant  the bar was huge and stocked very well with tequila and rum. 

I was debating have a drink but I wanted to have a clear head, if I didn't have a place to go. The service was a little slow but my server was very friendly.    I ordered an empanada for an appetizer and for dinner I ordered ropa vieja,  a beef dish with rice. 

It was delicious.  I am not to crazy about the way the rice is presented.  But it hit the spot.   The dish had fried sweet potato fries it was crisp and light.

While I was waiting for my second soda, I was watching the server make a sangria for another table.  She had it in a little tray and explained what each ingredient was and poured the ice and stirred.

At the tables around me, customers seemed to be satisfied with their meals.  I'll have to bring Bill with me next time.  He would enjoy the whole scene.

I finally got a hold of my parents.  They were sleeping and didn't hear the phone ring.  After I got the check, I was leaving to the Cuban beat.  Happy to have stumbled upon this little treasure.

Satisfied Diner Abbie

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  1. Wow. What a great find. Stumbling upon a new place is one of the beauties of a large city. Don't really get that where I'm from...


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