Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Being Smoked

Bill and I went dancing on New Year's Eve. I got a new dress and a pair of shoes. I went to the hairdressers and cut my hair. I got a mani and pedi. I was so excited. it was Bill's idea to go dancing. We had never gone out dancing before and I love to dance.

The party was being held at a dance studio. We will be taking dance lessons. Bill and I did took lessons years ago and it was his decision to take it up again. I am up for learning all styles of dance. Waltz, foxtrot, and salsa.

The studio had a buffet dinner and we grabbed a couple of drinks. My Cosmo was out of a box and Bill had a soda. Dinner was pleasant. We had a little bit of everything. The bruschetta was tasty. I didn't care for the meatballs. I enjoyed the turkey and the sausage and peppers would have been a little better had it more sausage. They must know love chocolate because they had double chocolate cookies and chocolates. Yum.

We went to our little table.  It was close to the stage and it turned out to be a vantage point. The people who would be joining the party were a slightly older crowd. Bill and I are at an odd age. We are too old for the younger crowd and slightly younger for the older crowd. Though in a few years, we will fit right in with the silver foxes.

Age was checked at the door, when the music started. The couples got on the dance floor. It looked like we were in the last weeks of Dancing with the Stars. The way they moved and took over the floor. Bill and I were frozen to our chairs looking at everyone.

The waltz was very popular with the crowd.  I sat mesmerized by the beauty.  If the ladies had gowns, they would have looked like they were floating on air.  The men were straight and commanding.

We had just taken an introductory lesson for the fox trot.  I don't know what I was thinking.  I just assumed that we could also free dance.  That was so not the case.  We sat at our little table and watched the show. 

We looked at each other and said we should have taken lessons earlier.  Live and learn.

 New dancing student Abbie

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  1. we once took dancing lesons what fun! suprising fun!! go for it!


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