Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Little Habit

Bill and I love a bakery called Crumbs.  It sells huge cupcakes.  I had first heard from them by the Howard stern show.  I have been a listener of his show for over 25 years.  

They would have cupcake Wednesdays.  Artie Lange, when he was still on the show, would on break get his cupcakes and eat it on air.  Howard would ask what he was eating.  Artie loved to eat and would describe what he had in from of him.   They would talk about the different kinds of cupcakes Crumbs would make and bring in the office.  They even named two after Artie and Gary "baba booey".

In NYC, they have many Crumbs bakery.  We usually go by Bryant's Park location.  We grab two and headed over to the park to sit and eat.  I chose a Devil's food cake and Bill ordered Double Chocolate Brownie.

They have an ice rink at Bryant Park. I love how the city changes the park to adapt to the different seasons.   Bryant Park was packed with people.  Sprinkled through the park are little kiosks filled with people selling their wares.  On this chilly day,  I could smell the coffee that was being made.  Did it smell good!!

I didn't feel bad in eating this gooey yumminess.  As much walking as I did, I deserved to treat myself.  I did drink water so it is not totally bad.

Chubby Little Devil Abbie



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