Monday, January 9, 2012

A Date in NYC

We walked around NYC.  I think NYC is so pretty around the holidays.
Bill and I have our rituals. One of them, we have to see the tree.

The tree stands in front of the ice rink.  On this day, there was a fundraiser going on during the ice skating session.  Men were dressed up as little old ladies.  It was a kick in the head to see them with their 5 O'clock shadow.

Bill and I went to Rockefeller Center when we were dating.  It was early in our dating when I discovered my love for this city. I had never gone ice skating before and we happened upon it during one of our walks.  Most New Yorkers don't do the tourist thing unless someone from out of town comes to visit.

Bill was living in Delaware at the time and there is not much to do in Queens, where I lived, so to Manhattan we went.  We did all the tourist things.  Time square, World Trade Center, and the Empire state building.   We would dine on pizza and then go to different restaurants for dinner.  We did some serious walking.  This girl was looking very good back in the day.  Stylish but not practical. I did not dress for the weather.

On one of these walks, we went  to Radio City Music Hall.  I told him about the tree.  Bill wanted to see the famous Christmas tree.  It was beautiful and freezing. We noticed that there was a line to ice skate.  I asked him if he wanted to try it out.  I was game and he said sure.  We waited in line.  If you have ever been to NY during winter, the winds can whip and it feels like it goes right through you.

I had a pretty jacket and just one layer of clothing.  I could handle it on a normal day but standing in line for over an hour without walking, I started to freeze.  I stood closer and closer to Bill.  We had only done the hand holding up until that point.  We weren't at that stage where I felt comfortable to hug him to get some heat. 

I was very shy.  Extreme conditions dictated that when Bill asked if I was cold that he would warm me up with a hug, I jumped at the chance.  He was warm and he felt so good. 

We snuggled and waited our turn out in the rink.  We spoke with another couple in line. Joking on how freakin cold it was in line. It helped pass the time and I would cling to Bill but not necesarily for the heat anymore. There was an easiness between us. It was like a wall was torn down.  We joked and hugged and then it was time to skate.  It turned out to be a great night. 

We fit. It was the best feeling in the world. I felt like I had found my other half.  It would be awhile later, when I truly believed I found the one. 

It is in visiting NYC that I rekindle that feeling of the early dates that Bill and I had and how magical this city became for me.

Star-Crossed Abbie


  1. awwww -- i was smiling the entire time i read this. what a perfect recollection of an obviously perfect time!


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