Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Twisted Story

The Vowhttp://www.thevow-movie.com/

I had been seeing the ads for a few weeks and I am looking forward to watching it with the hubby.  How romantic!  The premise is a young newlywed couple get into an accident and the wife is in a coma.  When she wakes up, she forgets a chunk of time.  She remembers her last boyfriend and not her husband.  Now he has to win her all over again.  Does he do it?

As I start thinking about the movie and personalize it because the world revolves around me. (not)
Would my husband do that for me?  What if it was reverse and I had to woo my husband?  I thought of all scenarios. 

 Why do I make myself mental? 

 Here is what I thought please come and join me to crazy town.

If I was the coma patient, I would surely be pissed off.  I would look in the mirror and say what the f@#$ happened to me? 

Where did the wrinkles come from and why am I so fat?!?!  See if I don't remember my husband then my age would be 18.  I looked completely different at that age.  Forget about getting back with my husband I would be heading to the gym.  I would also wonder why did I move to the boondocks.   I used to live in NY.  City girl.   What the hell?

Then I would look at my kids and grandkids and be sad.  Sad that I missed so much time.  I would also be in a state of shock.  Remember I am mentally 18, I will have kids older than me and iinconceivable to have grandchildren.

My mind just blew up.  I think of all angles and would my husband take this opportunity to skedaddled and get the hell out of dodge?  If I was him,  I would drop me off at the nearest corner.

If my husband was the one waking up from a coma,  he would asked for a second opinion.  Would he give me a chance?  A short, round, Latina woman who adores him. I would be sneaking off to the gym every chance I got. Pull my face tight to lessen the wrinkles or just grow my hair long and cover them.  It may be cheaper. I did win him once before but I was in fighting shape back then. I hope he would.  In my movie version he would.

Don't all love stories end happily ever after?  Oh wait, those are fairytales?  Does it still count?

Thanks for riding with me on this little tour. 

I guess this movie only works by having very young well adjusted and in shape people for the lead characters. 

Happy Valentine's Day

Takes things too seriously and needs to loosen up Abbie

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