Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Present

I was watching Bones one day and it was an episode that had Bones and Booth playing with a Nerf gun.  I never had one.  The boys did when they were younger and they had a ball.  They would play with their dad and I had to be "go outside with that".  I was the party pooper.  I did enjoyed watching  them play and having the best time but outside.

When I saw the episode, I said to Bill we should get it .  It looked like so much fun.  He totally agreed. 

While we were Christmas shopping, we went to Toys r Us and they had a great sale on Nerf guns.   I was trying to find the one that was used in the episode.  It was the kind with the round bullets and a huge cartridge for continuous shooting ability.  I didn't see it.  I wasn't there for me anyway and proceeded to get on the longest line in the world with the presents we got for the grandkids.

Christmas morning comes and Bill surprises me with a present.  We normally don't exchange gifts so that way we have more to spend on our family.  Inside my gift bag, my first Nerf gun.  It is a Maverick.
I would like to think if myself as a maverick. (NOT)

I loaded that bad boy up and started shooting the family in front of my grandkids.   Great role model!!  I shot everyone. Not the babies of course! 

It may have been more fun if someone else had a gun but not by much!! : )

Lock and Loaded Abbie


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