Friday, January 20, 2012

One Lucky Chick

We are expecting a little dicey weather this weekend.  Bill is off  for a few days so we will be staying in and I will be cooking comfort food.  The kind that sticks to your ribs, while watching TV, and hanging out with the hubby,

I ordered a cord of wood.  The first time for this season.  It has been mild until recently and to keep fuel bills down we will be using the firewood for heat.

I love everything about my fireplace.  The crackling sounds, the flickering of the fire as it dancing between the pieces of wood, and I love the roar it makes when the fire really gets going.  I like to get it so hot that Bill has to put on shorts because it is so friggin hot.

Bill came off from working third shift or the graveyard shift.  They were delivering early in the  morning. I had asked him if that was okay.  He thought it would be best if they did it as soon as possible.  He didn't want to do this in the weather we will be expecting. Bill was barely home from work when they arrived.

The truck dropped the cord of wood on our driveway. Bill got started on stacking the wood.  It may not seem like much but when you are just getting off work this makes for a long day.  Bill told me he took his time.

He had company.  Lando was very happy to join in on the activity.  He got to enjoy the smells that the wood brought with it.  Bill was very impressed with Lando.   He was expecting to go chasing Lando around the block. Lando likes to chase things and wander off.   In fact, Lando stayed close by and Bill was able to concentrate at the task at hand. 

It took him all morning but he completed the job.  Bill piled it beautifully and Lando looks so proud. 

I wonder if Lando plans to play fetch with the wood?
What a man!  He works 12 hours, stacks a cord of wood, and then when I come home I am greeted with this...
I am a lucky chick!  I get to snuggle with my love by the fire while recovering from my cold.  I am already feeling better. Its going to be a great weekend!

Toasty Abbie


  1. i totally miss haveing a fireplace!

    1. I never had one before and it was a requirement from my husband when we chose this house. Glad I listened to him. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for stopping by!!

      Here's something to make you feel better - it is a b*&@# to clean. LOL

  3. I love our fireplace too! we use it a lot...mostly for the pleasure of seeing and hearing it. good for your husband for making the fire for you!

    1. I say we are both lucky with the husbands we have :)

  4. What a great guy. Enjoy your fire.

  5. I would LOVE to have a fireplace!!! They are very romantic!!! ;-)

  6. You totally are one lucky chick! I love all the wood stacked and ready to go. And your toasty fire. Enjoy your warmth this winter!


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