Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Wedding Planner- Part Two

After the shock that I was gaining a daughter in law, I got on the phone and called my daughter, Donna Marie. She was working and I had her speaker phone.  Her reaction that her baby brother was getting married.  Just like her mom -  OMG !!  Are you serious?  Over and over again.  We all laughed.  Donna Marie was speaking in a normal tone but she said she would be jumping up and down and reacting wildly, if she wasn't at work. 

When I was able to speak, I told her we were going to dinner and she needed to come by so we can discuss it more and start planning it out.    The dress needed to be bought and the details needed to be arranged.  S started to laugh and asked if she needed to be involved, after all she is the one getting married.  She was planning for a simple service,  Justice of the Peace.  I told her like the movie "Our family Wedding", the family has the wedding and the couple have the marriage.
Hell! My son is getting married and if this is what he wants, damn it, it will look somewhat decent!!

We went shopping and Bill took Sean and got him an outfit and Donna Marie and I took S for her dress.  She tried on a few outfits.   Many outfits!! 

I had so much fun.  I was picking all sorts of dresses.  S didn't want a gown but a simple white dress.  We compromised.  We found one we all liked.  We also found her the cutest shoes.  Very high heels.   The girl was not used to them. 

I know we were a flurry spinning around her.  Making S's head spin.  S was slowing getting into it the more we spoke about it.  I guess she wasn't expecting much, if anything. 

I did ask first about her color preference as far as the arrangements were concerned. I didn't totally take over.  The couple picked their cake and flowers.They already had their rings picked out.  I arranged for the food.  I wish I had more time and more money.

I only had a week and that week was flying by fast.  Bill did the invitations.  Short notice, especially since it was the summer. People always have plans.  I was hoping for the best.


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