Monday, February 20, 2012

One Shot

I have been interested in taking my picture taking more seriously.  I won't say photography because I am not in that league. Yet.

I asked Bill the other day for a favor.  I told him he might not like it but it would help me improve.  He nodded slowly and asked me to continue  I asked him if he could be my subject for improving my camera skills.  He rolled his eyes and said if only he can have say over what pictures are post worthy.  I agreed and it was only fair.  I wasn't planning it but he did bring up a good point, if one picture does come out nice I would love to post it. 

I know that I could use anything and go anywhere and use whatever to practice. But I figured I love to look at him and it would be something we could both do together, if that makes any sense.  The kind of pictures I like to take is natural.  Action shots or just being relaxed.

I figured with the digital camera I do not waste "film". I can take as many pictures figuring out what works with what and what all the knobs and buttons on the camera do.  I can take hundreds of film not print any of them. 

That way when I do improve, I can move to a better camera and I will feel good about it.

I was on pininterest and looking at all the things and I was noticing all the photos of various thing and I grabbed my camera. You can say I was inspired.

Bill was getting ready for work and I figured while he is busy I could start.  I got in position and I turned the camera on.  I told Bill the battery is dying so it won't be so bad. 

He was smiling and mentally preparing for my presence and listening for the click of the camera and not be so distracted to cut himself, while he was shaving. He need not have worried because after the first shutter of the camera it died.

My luck.

I told Bill not to worry because I was not really prepared.  I needed to have things situated to get the right shots.  I have an idea of what I am looking for and I will be ready the next time! 

He was not worried in the slightest.



  1. my best advice to you is to just shoot! i take 100's of shots to get one decent one -- some of it is skill but A LOT is luck!

    pinterest has some awesome photog tips!!

    1. You are not kidding! Poor Bill, he is in for it :)

      I have been checking out pininterest. There are so many things I could learn from.

  2. I didn't give permission to post the picture you used in this blog entry!!! lol jk


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