Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Fan

I have a taste for Swedish fish.  I love those red gummy candies. I love them so much that I eat them all the time. 

I had my little bag opened, when my grandchildren asked for a piece.  I always share with them.  I loved the look on their faces when they tried it.  They instantly smiled and asked for more.  I usually have sweet things around the house so they always ask for something.

Isn't that what a grandma is supposed to have in her house??

I pick Josiah up from school once a week and I don't know how it started but we went to the store and I picked up some Swedish fish.  I was also getting something else at the time and since the stores have those temptations at the check out line I decided to get a little bag for Josiah.

The following week, he asked if we could get some Swedish fish and I said sure.  So now every time I pick him up, he asks me and I always say yes.  It is our thing.  I love our little routine. The last two weeks he has asked if we should get Pappy some candy.  Isn't he sweet for sharing?

Not the healthiest treat but it is something I look forward to doing with my Josiah.

When the weather gets hot, we will be going after school to get the Rita's water ice Swedish fish flavor!!!  I hope he likes it too!  If not, I will doing two trips.

 Yum yum :)

Sweet-Tooth Abbie

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