Thursday, February 23, 2012


Ever had one of those days where it seems the world decides to go against you all day long.  It could be  that I am PMS but why do people have to be little a$$hol@s.

I came home to the trash being all over  the carpet.  Really Lando?  He was very good about not getting into the garbage.  Was the food that smelly but the coffee grounds??  That is a bitch to vacuum up without staining.

Donna Marie forgetting her grandfather's birthday especially after reminding her the week and day before.  Thou she remembers her husbands Aunt's birthday.  Am I being too sensitive?

How about  I babysit the kids on a work night so she and her husband can go out on a belated valentine dinner only to come home at 1AM.    I don't know about you but that was tough I was exhausted.  Did I get a thank you or a call the next day to tell me what a wonderful to me?   Nooo  Am I being taken for granted or being too sensitive?

How about I ask my son to help me put some things in the attic and he forgets?  Its not like I ask him to do things for me.  Far from it. I try not ask my children for any help because I end up getting upset because they whine.  

 My new phone died and I forgot the charger.  I didn't know the new phone gets very hungry for energy and it dies a quick death, if it is not fed.  It reminds me of an electronic toy my son once had.  It was a pet something or other and you needed to feed it, play with it, and take outside to remain happy.  It was the shape of a tiny egg.  Drove me crazy.   

People driving like dumb F$%^ on the road.   The douches were out today.  Its like they all know today is the day to mess with me. 

I am on my second day of my new lifestyle watching what I eat and exercising.  I downloaded an app that  counts and calculates for me what I haven eaten and what remains for the day.  It's great and sucks at the same time.  Now I see how many calories  I have left for the remained of the day and then I see how much I have left and its not much :(  Maybe if I wasn't such a fat f#$@ I wouldn't have this problem.  My metabolism is shot so I have to really work at this.

 I am hungry, cranky, and PMS( y).  I know it is not a word but work with me people!!!  This has been the longest day ever  :/

Well, I have vented .  I  would  love to have a Cosmo but I have reached my quota of calories for the day.    grrrr

Wasting away 1/4 of an ounce at a time Abbie


  1. Well, you know what Scarlet said "tomorrow is another day" Maybe this will make you laugh. I try on a daily basis to be really tolerant of my 87 year old mother who can be quite the complainer. Today I finally disagreed with something she said and she told me I was "sassing" her. Bahaha!!! Really? I think I grew out of the sassing age about 40 years ago. :) Hope your day gets better, sweetie.

  2. You have one of those too??? My mother is another story. She still views me as 7!!!

    Thanks it did :)

    It only happens once in a blue moon but they make it count! haha

  3. oh Mother Teresa says, "do it anyway."...I am not much help...i just offer it up.

    1. Thank you:) Thank you for reading and commenting :)

      That helped!!


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