Friday, February 17, 2012

Jackson turns 2

My little angel turns two.  His birthday party was at the Y.  The cake was done by a dear old friend of Donna Marie's.

His name is Howard. 

I got to catch up with another one of Donna Marie's childhood friends Kimmy.  She used to live next door.  She has two children that I instantly fell in love with.  

 Now I am the type to let the child come to me.  I don't like making a child interact with an adult they don't know.  But for some reason I couldn't help myself and I gave these children a hug.  Hey they were so sweet and what is better they didn't recoil.  For that I am most grateful, because I would have felt so bad if they did. 

The kids were taken to another room where it was spacious and they were able to play.

Bill, my mother in law, and myself stayed in the room where it had chairs.
 We played catch up and I had Jesse with me.  We passed him around. 

I gave him a present.  I teether.

I gave Olivia a sticker book.  She loves stickers. 

I gave Josiah a perfection game.  He liked it and so did the other kids.

I like to give presents to the siblings of my grandchildren to lessen the jealousy of the birthday child getting all the attention.

After an hour of play, they children came in and ate pizza and mac and cheese.
We sang to him and he loved all the attention. 
 He blew out most of his candles on his own.

The cake was served up with ice cream sandwiches.
I wished we had cleaned his pizza face,  But you can tell he really enjoyed it.
Happy Birthday Jackson!!


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