Friday, February 24, 2012

I Make Fire!!

The weather has been unusually mild this past winter.  We enjoyed temperatures in the 60's.  For February, in the Mid Atlantic that is a little too warm.  The weather will be turning this weekend to more winter type temperatures.  At least, it won't be frigid!

On an occasion when winter did make its appearance, I remembered to bring my camera on my walk with Lando.  

It was snowing lightly and had snowed the night before covering my block with a glistening white coat.  
                                              I love how the snow lays on bushes
and on the trees.

It makes everything look clean.  Everything looks peaceful and it is serene.  I love the sounds of my footsteps on the ground.  I like to be the first to step on the snow. Unfortunately, the snow didn't stick to the sidewalks.

I like this photo.  I was actually trying to take a picture of the snow/ice drop.  It blurred it but I like the depth that it created.  Still learning how to use the camera.  haha

Lando even posed for me.
He is such a good boy. Lando knows I need to practice :)

It was going to be one of those days where I wanted a fire and Bill was working.    I had seen him enough times to make it myself .  I came home from my walk with Lando and got to work.

I grabbed Bill's gloves.  My hands are small (child size) and the gloves are ridiculously huge on me.
Went outside got some wood and piled it in the fireplace.
I used one of those self starter bricks.  Its a cheat for me.  Struck a match and  watch it slowly build.


I did use a pizza box to get the roaring sound I love.

Yay!!  I mean ugh me woman ugh make ugh fire. (pound on my chest)

Now I could curl up on the couch and catch a marathon of World's Dumbest!!

Is anybody ready for spring yet???

Firestarter Abbie


  1. Too funny. Hope you enjoyed your fire. You made a great one.

    1. I am glad I made you chuckle!

      and Thank you :)

  2. Over here it's felt like Spring all Summer long. A warm Winter for you guys, a cool Summer of us. I'm looking forward for the coolness to fit with the season. Bring on Autumn and the roaring fire, I say! Well done on getting your powering!! x

    1. Thanks for coming over for a visit!
      Its interestng how our seasons are opposite but similar in that it is not the usual.
      Hopefully it will straighten itself before our sprig and your Autumn arrives.
      People are getting sick like crazy over here from the changes.

      and Thanks it was my first fire :)

  3. I am ready for spring!!
    I use those self started logs all the time....and we all enjoy the beautiful fire!!
    Happy weekend!

  4. Hi Abbie! I've found your blog through Maxabella's grateful linky. It's lovely to stumble upon another blogger with grown-up kids!

    We've not had much of a Summer here in Sydney, and being a Summer-girl I'm not too happy! Our Autumn is on its way and I'm just not ready for that.

    1. Thank you Lisa for stopping by and visiting. :)

      I have heard that your summer is more like spring. I hope you get a nice heatwave before the seasons change!!


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