Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Zoe World

Zoe is a breath of sunshine and rainbows all rolled up. When she gets tired, she grabs Pappy's glasses and hands it to him with his ipod. Zoe knows that the ipod touch can play her favorite shows. Zoe will climb up on his lap and watch it with him. 
Bill and I have missed her terribly. In one of our little talks, he expressed he did not want them to leave. Made my heart ache. I already know it will be hard for me when it is time for them to go back home but now to know it won't be just me makes it worse.

I could do without the late nights of crying.  She doesn't want to go to bed and wants the whole city to know that tid bit.  I could also do without toys being scattered around the house 24/7.  I was used to it being only one or two days a week when my other grandkids visited.  I feel like I am Godzilla and I am stomping through a Japanese city and screeching along the way.  Why you say? because those damn toys hurt. 

You would think I would pick them up it is my home after all but shouldn't the parents be doing this job?

I guess they are on vacation and I am too tired at the end of the day/night to do much about it. It will only be for a few more weeks and then I go back to my normal routine but without the sweet smile of Zoe or the baby smelling Liam to greet me.

Wistful Abbie
'PS - I wrote this when I had the energy a few weeks ago

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