Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soccer Days

Donna Marie asked me to help her on Saturdays.  She has a few of the kids enrolled in extra curriculum activities.  Josiah is on an All sport clinic and the first sport is soccer.

We walked to the field while she went inside with Jackson for swimming lessons.  Donna Marie said Jackson screamed for the first twenty minutes and slowly got used to it.  He likes the baby pool but was not happy being in so deep so hopefully he will lose this fear.

Donna Marie lived at the pool when she was little.  She reminded me of a little fish.  I am so happy that
she is doing this for the kids.  I want them to be open to many experiences in life.

Josiah was a little shy as were some of the kids. 

The instructor did a very well with the kids and had them do some stretches .

She had them do running drills.

 What made it funny was the fact she told them to run to her and they and they did.  They all crowded around her.

 She had to say more clearly that she wanted them to run to the line she was on.

She taught them to dribble the ball. 

Donna Marie and Jackson met us on the field when they were done with his lesson.  Jackson looked tired.  Screaming his head off can do that to a person.  He likes the Kiddy pool but not the big pool.  He started to warm up on the last 10 minutes.  Jackson watched his brother practice while holding a soccer ball.

 Jackson was going eww his feet just touched the wet grass.  I love this boy!

After the lesson, it was the parents turn to play with the kids.  Josiah enjoyed this. 

Good first day!

Soccer Grandma Abbie


  1. It's so great that you can help out with them. They are freaking adorable!

  2. TripleZ - Thanks, I am crazy about them!


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