Sunday, September 25, 2011


Ever since we moved into our home 5 years ago, we have had a passing visitor.  On the coolest of nights when the air conditioner is turned off and the windows are open, he passes by on his journey.

I have always enjoyed sleeping with the windows wide open.  Nothing sounds better then hearing the crickets chirp and the trees rustle softly as I go to sleep. 

I lay in my comfy bed and sleep when I am awaken by this stench.  It has filled my bedroom.  I go to the window and the aroma is just pouring into my room.  I close it and then I run to the bathroom and get the febreeze.  As I am running, I can smell it in the other rooms.

I start spraying as I walk back to my room.  Leaving a trail of aerosol fumes.  I saturate my bedroom until I think it is gone.  So pissed that my sleep was interrupted and that  I had to get up and do some damage control.  All the while, I am hoping that nothing has stuck to any of my clothes.

I have often wondered why there would be a skunk in this area.  I live right outside of the city.  Why does it stick around our in our tiny development? Every year, I hope that he finds a new neighborhood to live in and every year I am disappointed.  He would make me insane and beg for him to go away.

My son from his window would see him meander up and down the road over the years.  Denis told me he had the widest white streak and he was massive.  The skunk strolled the streets like he owned the road.  The skunk was a scourge to my sleep routine.

It was a game for this skunk.  I think he would wait until I was in a deep sleep then pass my window.  He didn't need to be close for the gentle winds would carry his stench into my window. 

I would then be forced to close the windows, spray the area, then put the fan on at ungodly hours.

Since it was summer, I would have the windows closed due to the horrendous heat.  AC is the best invention ever!!  I didn't have to worry about the odorous little dude.  I slept in comfort.  No worries. 

A couple of weeks ago, it cooled considerably and the ritual began all over again.  I slept with the window open but he didn't come around.  He let me have one night.  And only one night. He lured me into a false sense of security because the following night he hit.  I guess subconsciously I knew it was a lie because the smell wasn't so bad.  I got to it in time.  But my restful night was ruined.

A few days ago, Bill told me that the skunk got run over.   He expected me to hoot and holler but what he got instead was pity.  Can you believe I felt sadness?  He was an old skunk who lived a very long time and he got run over by a car.  You got to respect an animal to be able to survive dogs, cars, and the heat for that long of a time. 

Maybe I have Stockholm Syndrome?  You know when you feel empathy for your captor.  That could only explain why I feel sad for the foul smelling guy. I'm nuts.  Plain an simple.

All Bill could do was shake his head. As long as we have been married, I still surprise him.  Did I tell you he is a saint of man? 

Captive Abbie


  1. awwww...poor old guy -- i can understand your empathy for such a stoic fella!

    we have a horrid skunk problem here too -- one of them literally stinks up the house with the windows closed & i could write a book about the mama skunk & her babies keeping me captive in my car one night. lol!

    why is something so cute SO stinky?

  2. Cyn - they are cute but good lord the smell is atrocious!!

  3. We have a terrible skunk problem in our neighborhood too. We have had 3 different ones in our garage. I wont tell you what we did to get rid of them considering how you felt when your skunk got run over. We found out they were coming in to get the cat food, so we put the food up higher where the cat can get to it and not the skunk. We haven't had any more in our garage, but there has still been several nights where the stink flowed in through our open window.

  4. LDS - Skunks can ruin the most perfect nights!

    You are too sweet for not letting me know how you got rid of them. I have imagined horrible ways to get rid of them myself but I would never physically do it. But in my mind they died everytime. LOL


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