Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cost of Maintaining

I went to the nail salon last night.  I love that I can say that.  Little did I know that to maintian the illusion of beautiful nails, it would come with a small price.

A couple of months ago, I went and got my nails done with my daughter.  I have been faithful and went back every two weeks to get them filled.  No pain. 

I would chit chat with the other ladies and walk out with the sense of pride on my little fingers.  The nails provided length to my otherwise child size hands.  I loved the sound when I tapped on  the table.  I liked looking at my old hands.   It made me like an old girl. 

I go there on this particular day and look to see if Samantha is there.  She is one nail tech that my daughter loves.  Alas, she wasn't there.  I have gone there a few times and I have gone to a different one each time.  I figure this way I can get to know them all and I would pick the one I could gel with.

A pretty one comes to me and leads me to her station.  Let me tell you I will not go with her again.  I told her I needed a new set.  She sat me down and proceeded to use one of the fake nails to pry my nail off.  She was not gentle and it felt like she ripped my real nail with the fake nail off.  I yelp.  My daughter said it is not suppose to hurt, so you let them know if it does.  Well I did and she tells me you are not used to it and showed that my nail wasn't bleeding. "see".  I see alright but hell woman warn a woman first. 

My poor nails got there revenge.   One of the nails didnt peel right off, so she used another torture device to clip the edges.  She snipped and it shot right in her eye.    Hell lady, if you didn't do it so fast maybe you wouldn't be blind.

I couldn't wait for it to be over.  A lady that was sitting next to me said that it does hurt but if you soak your nails it would be easier.  If I want to do it myself and pain free, I need to soak them in acetone.  Guess who will be trying that one?

If it doesn't work I will not do this again.  My poor nails were so tender.  I am now just feeling better. 

What makes it worse is when it was time to pay.  I gave her my card and she brings it back and says cash please.  I look at the slip and do not see a tip line.  I tell her "I have no cash I was planning to put it on the slip."  "You should have told me I would have added to the amount."    She points to the atm machine just outside the door.  She shakes her head and I am ticked.  Not only did she torture me now she is ticked because I have no cash. 

What did I do?  Like a dumb #$%^ I go and get the cash and make her break the twenty.  She was not pleased that I  interrupted her time with her new client who scooted in my seat as I got up.  I should have said something but I guess I was still in shock from the trauma I just went through.  Where were Cyn or Destiny when I needed someone?

I will turn my ass around the next time I go in and she is the only one available. Yes, I am a masochist. I have to go back. I like my girly hands I even got a complement.  I never received a compliment before about my hands.  It made me feel good.

I need help but I will look good while needing it!

  Manicure Addicted Abbie


  1. Yikes! What a traumatic experience! I got fake nails years ago. But I nearly went into shock when they started putting them on. The lady cut all these grooves in my current nails. I had no idea they would be doing that!

  2. GG - I am glad she didn't do that to me. That sounds horrendous!! They should have a disclaimer at those places.

  3. When I started reading the post I was thinking, "What a great way to pamper yourself." By the end I was thinking, "Oh, my! What we go through to make ourselves beautiful!"

  4. LDS - I knew there was a price to maintain but that is outrageous!!

    Who thought this way up???


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