Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Full House

Most of my posts are usually written in one afternoon.   For some reason, I was looking at my past posts and noticed this one.  Apparently, I had drafted one and forgot about it.  I had finished it but I didn't publish it.    I think this will tie nicely with the series I have been composing. As I look at this day,  I should have known something was coming my way. 

My son and his family will be coming home by the end of this week.  I haven't seen them since April.  I was planning to fly out and see them.  They wanted to surprise us but they had to tell us before we bought  tickets.

Plane tickets are outrageous and if you change or cancel, the fee is astronomical. I appreciated the heads up and for saving me a bit of money.  I guess the money will still fly out the window but it will go to my angels and not the airlines.

There are so many things  I have to do to prepare for their arrival.  I have to paint their room but with the time and humidity  I will have to hold off until they leave.  My daughter is planning to loan a portable crib.  I have one but I need another for the other baby,  There will be two this time.

Last time, I had all of four my grandchildren.  Now I will have six.  I am over the moon.

I have missed waking up and hearing Zoe's little voice wanting to get out of the crib.  Well, it wasn't her voice it was more of her moving in the crib.  I have bionic ears when she is near.  I would gently open the door and pick her up and take her with me to the family room.  That way the kids could sleep longer, if they'd like.  Pappy would have his turn as well.

I had to go to work on most days in the morning, so Bill enjoyed his one on one time with Zoe.  He is a great pappy.  They were like two peas in a pod.    I guess he will have to add another pea to the pod.

I have to get a ton of food and things.  They plan on staying for the rest of her maternity leave with us.  She has to return to her military duty.   I am hoping that they do stay a month but it will make it that much harder when they leave. I'll cross that awful bridge, when I have to.

 Welcoming Abbie


  1. Aren't grandchildren the best? ♥

  2. Did you say you have six grandbabies?! I only have one and I just love her so much. I can only imagine multiplying that times six!


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