Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mom, I have something

Many events happened over the summer.  There was one particular week that was out of the ordinary and I have decided to spread it over several posts.

Bill was going to pick me up from work and asked if I would mind going to the mall with the kids.  I didn't see a problem with it.  I looked forward to seeing Sean coming to my office.

It had been awhile since Sean came to my job.  When he was in grade school, I would pick him and Denis up and come back to my job to finish up work.  He and his brother would share a desk and start doing their homework.  Sean wanted to show S my little office, so I gave her a quick tour.  Not much to look at, it is just one room. 

As we was getting into the car , Sean makes an announcement.  He tells me that S and him are getting married and that they will be getting married next week.  I can't begin to count how many OMG's I said. Thoughts are flooding my head.  When, where, how, what, and especially why!!!!  She is not pregnant.

Time seemed to freeze for what seemed like hours.  My head was flashing back. It wasn't too long ago, when I thought it was over between them.  Sean was going through a devastating time with S.  The hell the entire family went through was insane.

Being so far away and not being with him to help him tore me up.  Sean was left alone.  He wanted out he couldn't deal with it anymore and now he is telling me that he is happy and he wanted to marry this woman. It's what he wanted.

Should I be happy, mad, excited,confused?  To say that I was a mixture of emotions is an understatement. I looked at Bill for a cue on how to react but he is a poker player.  He was driving and didn't give anything away. I am more of the open book. You can tell by my face what I am thinking and feeling. I hope I didn't come across too bad.

As much as I wanted to truly enjoyed the moment, it was hard.  Worry seeped in and I started to look at all the options.  My son would be legally tied to her and if he wanted out there would be no way she would let him go.  I am  a bit of a cynic where marriage and the law are concerned. 

The past experience has shown that I am right to be worried.  Should I let it go and move forward?  The answer is yes.  I have to let him make his own decisions.  Marriage is hard even during the best of circumstances.  I truly hope they are were they need to be.

As a mom, you want your children happy. To see him happy made my heart soar. But the mind was still searching for any regret in his eyes.  Any plea to get out of this situation.  None was to be seen. 

I think I said congratulations.  At least, I hope I did.  I turned in my seat to face the road.  I took a moment to take a breath and think about the stunning turn of events.  I thought we were just going the mall.  My son thought differently.

For some reason, my children like to tell me life changing decisions when I least expect them.

Bombshelled Abbie


  1. Congratulations! I'll probably struggle with this too down the road. Sometimes I think arranged marriage wouldn't be so bad if I could pick my kids spouses. Lol! But I don't think they'd be too keen on that and I probably wouldn't be a good matchmaker.

    Hoping for the best!

  2. GG Mom - I don't know about that. We have know our kids before they were even born. Wouldn't you think we would be perfect for the job! :) Just saying..

    I should take a poll. Wonder what response I would get? hmmm

  3. I have already starting praying for my three year old's wife. When he gets married, I really want to love her too.

  4. JDaniel4's Mom - I hear ya!! :)

  5. Wow! That sure is a bomb dropped in your lap!

  6. Oh, my! I am looking forward to the next posts to see how this ended, or maybe I should say starts.

    We teach our kids as much as we can and then we have to let go and hope they make the best choices on their own. I hope this turns out for the best.


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