Monday, September 19, 2011

Ireland in New York

  A couple of dear relatives of Bills were in the states.  One couple was on their honey moon and she brought her brother and his fiance for company.  They had never been to the US and wanted experience travelers.

We met them in Times Square.  I thought I would have noticed Dee first but I recognized Dermot, her husband first.   The saw the Naked Cowboy walk around with his guitar.

It was so good seeing them.  I had missed them.  I was introduced to Liam, Dee's brother and Ann Marie, Liam's fiance.  I didn't get a chance to meet them the last time I was in Ireland.  He was busy getting engaged at the time I as visiting. 

We went to Planet Hollywood for lunch.  As you walk in, they take your picture.  The picture was good but I am not paying $24 for one picture and some magnets.  I took a few, it was a little dark. 

We ordered a couple of rounds of drinks to start the lunch!!

Dee had asked what we should see.  We were supposed to take  them sightseeing but Liam spoke up and said we didn't have since to go anywhere.  I didn't know what to do.  I asked Dee and she said we didn't have to do anything. 

Liam, Dermot, and Ann Marie wanted to do a "session".  They hadn't done one  since they arrived.  I didn't know what it was at first, but I was all game.  In other words, go do some serious drinking.

We went to an Irish pub .  Dee wanted to sit outside but there are no bars where you can in Times Square.  We got one that did a close job.  We sat just inside the bar but the wall was missing and you felt like you were outside.

The drinks flowed 

and flowed they did.

I almost kept up with them.   I had cosmos.  The others had beers. I think I was behind by no more than one.  Not that I was trying to they went down smooth.

Bill ordered the first round of shots..  They were called Baby Guinness.  They were delicious.  Dee thought they were too sweet. 

We got one more round than someone order a sour apple or apple sour shot.  They were amazing.  We had two rounds of those.  Some time later someone order a redheaded slut.  It was ok.  They went down.

Things start to become a little fuzzy but someone wanted to go to another pub. 

We went to another place and had another  round.  We had been drinking for 8 hours.  I could believe it .  Around 7pm,  Bill ordered us some fries.  Let me tell you that they were the best fries in the world.

We had a great time.  Liam commented that he enjoyed meeting us.  Ann Marie was happy that we could hang.  She had a great time and knew that Dee wouldn't have had us over, if we were fuddy duddies.   

I had an awesome time with them. 

Glad Bill and I took pictures.

Mind you I have no idea how but they came out great . Except for one.  It looks like I am falling off the bar stool  lol
I am not showing that one!

Boozy Abbie

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