Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preparing for Sandy

For the past few days, we have been preparing for this "Frankenstorm".  Superstorm, Storm of the century.  It has been all over the news. 

I hadn't taken it seriously a few days ago.  It was a typical hurricane and was supposed to venture to the right when it makes it way north.

Apparently, it decided to hook up with another system and try a  different route.  Literally,  straight for us.  Lucky us.

It seems and that every few years it has to rain and flood my basement.  I  am due for a flooding and  guess who is going to help, Sandy.  The only thing that makes this different than other years is there is a very good chance that we may lose power.  If I lose power, the flooding will get worse. because my sump pump needs electricity.  I can't imagine what 12 inches of rain can do. 

I am hoping for the best.  I have stocked up on water, candles, and dry goods.  This time around I will have extra company.  My son and his family will ride out the storm with us.

Hope everyone makes through this with minimum damage.

Hurricane Abbie

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