Monday, November 5, 2012

Pop Rocks Big Kid Style


Do you ever outgrow it?

Apparently that answer is no!

My grandkids were together for the first time.  It was fantastic! 

They were all dressed, had their bags in their hands, and their parents to guide them through the evening. I gave them their first candy to wish them a great success in getting their sweet treasures. 

Bill went out with them.  He has always liked to go with them and do the walk.  I, on the other hand, liked to stay home and give out candy.  I also clean.  It is my thing on this day.

Not many homes were giving out candy due to unfortunate circumstances.  (Hurricane Sandy)  They returned fairly quickly.  They did recieve a nice amount of candy

When the kids were allowed to eat their candy, the sugar rush emerged. Their parents looted their stash and picked out their favorites.  Naturally, they could only do that with the younger set.  Older kids tend to be a little more guarded from scavengers.

I had bought Pop Rocks and I forgot to put them in the container of candies to give out to the trick or treaters.  My oldest saw them and grabbed one.  She and her brother and their respective spouses decided to eat them with soda.  Its seems they wanted to try an experiment with sweet and noisy confection.

Their reactions were priceless.

In the middle of the zaniness, my little angel Josiah smiles.
 My Josiah 
my heart
Happy Halloween Abbie

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  1. Halloween is just plain fun, isn't it?! kind of like pop rocks!!! love your photos!
    hope things are getting more settled..


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