Thursday, March 1, 2012


I am so excited!  I just booked our flights to Colorado.  I will get to see two of my angels.  In a matter of weeks.  Bill and I have missed these little darlings. 

This picture was taking on Ash Wednesday.
Zoe is such a doll and Liam looks like a little gangster.  

Sean And S have been very good at keeping us up to date on their little adventures.  Making us miss them even more.  Videos are a wonderful thing for grandparents far away.

It has been a long time time I saw them.  Last August, to be a little precise when they looked liked this.

Why is it that it seems like forever until we will see them again and when we are with them the times seems to fly ?

Counting down the days until I can kiss them to pieces!

Calendar watching Abbie

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