Monday, October 22, 2012

Miss Olivia - Little Crabber

We had a family event, Bill's sister and her family have come up on a rare family visit.  Rare because we haven't seen the whole family in over a decade. They may visit but it is usually one at a time.
It was a combination of reunion and bridal shower for their eldest daughter.  Caitlin is planning to get married next year and many won't see the family until the wedding but that will be in Florida. It is an opportunity to shower them with lots of love. 

After the bridal party games, the feast began.  Plenty of food and time to catch up with family Bill hasn't seen in some time.

Crabs were up for grabs and some of the nieces and nephews enjoy getting their hands dirty and eating the crustaceans.  Miss Olivia noticed the comotion at the table and wanted to be in on the action. She pull a chair and sat her butt down. 

Meaghan, Bill's niece and goddaughter, was teaching Miss Olivia how to eat a crab.  She will be a wonderful teacher. Lots of patience.   I love crab cake but to crack open a crab.  I wont do that for myself. It takes too long and I get cranky to work that much for a little bit of crab meat. 

My father in law would sit and watch TV and his wife would do all the work and give him a nice pile of crab meat.  That would irritate some of his daughters feeling that he should have done it himself. .  I would smile because I would have done the same if I was his wife and as long as it isn't crab. She didn't mind and they shouldn't either but that is my opinion.
I make things for Bill that I don't like to eat.  Why should he be deprived of something he enjoys just cause I don't like it.  I won't cook crabs unless it is from the freezer. Mrs Paul's or Gordon's are old friends.   I cant bring home a live animal and then kill it.  I prefer my animal meat to be already killed before it touches my hands.  ha ha  Sorry PETA.
Miss Olivia did a very good job! 
Miss Olivia was very attentive and listened to everything Meaghan was saying.
 She couldn't wait to try it herself.


 Miss Olivia was not squeamish at all.  She dug right in, washed her hands, and ate.

I wonder if she would make a pile of crab meat for me?

No stinky hands for Abbie

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