Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mother Hen

As I am looking at my pictures of my son's visit, I came across these pictures. 

 The sweetness, the gentleness, and the innocence of Olivia's countenance makes me melt.

This was the first time they met each other.  Miss Olivia had been told of Zoe's arrival.  Olivia was anxiously waiting to meet her. The day finally came. When Miss Olivia arrived at our house, she ran straight to Zoe screamed baby Zoe and gave her a big hug. 

Miss Olivia loves to be near her.  In this picture, she is rubbing her hair while Lady Zoe drank from her cup.
I love the soft curls of Olivia's hair.

Miss Olivia enjoyed her time with her little cousin. Olivia was very gentle with her. They played. Zoe loves this attention.  Olivia fussed over Zoe like a little mother hen.  I never grew up on a farm.  Was always a city kid but I assume a mother hen would fuss. 

Here she is trying to put a sock on Zoe's foot. Zoe didn't object. :)

They are so cute together. 

Grand hen Abbie

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