Thursday, April 14, 2011

Story Time

I was reading a nursery rhyme book to the grandkids.

I don't like to post pictures of myself but I felt it would illustrate my point to the story.

On to my anecdoteJosiah gave me a book to read.    It was Mother Goose's nursery rhymes.    I started reading and Jackson stopped what he was doing and plopped himself down. Action Jackson wanted to listen to me read.  The others
started to gather around me.

While I am reading, the children start to wander off.  My son, who is visiting from Colorado, starts to laugh because the children were not paying attention.  He teased me because according to him, I was reading to no one. 

I knew just because they weren’t sitting in front of me like Jackson had done earlier didn’t mean they were not listening to me.  At least, that is what I am telling myself. I do start to doubt myself, when I look at some of these pictures. I see the intensity I am projecting, while I am reading the book.  I could have scared them away.

He may have been a little distracted at the time.

When I was finished, the two older kids gave me a stack of books to read . Job accomplished!  They enjoyed me reading to them.  I wasn't reading to no one.  I was reading to all of them.

Now reading was a little tricky .  I used to be able to read upside down but as I have aged, it has become increasingly difficult, especially without my reading glasses. 

Squinting Abbie

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