Monday, April 18, 2011

Strolling through the Park

It was time to walk Lando and since it was nice weather,  Bill and I took Zoe with us. Bill wanted Zoe to see the ducks and geese that are known to inhabit the nature trail.  

As we are getting ready to go out, Zoe had to get dressed.  Zoe likes to be nude.   As you can tell in the pic, she ran to her Uncle Denny.  Do you see that smile?  I can’t blame her . 
I would do the same thing but I tend to not torture people. 

We did see a pair of geese.  She was fascinated. 

 We took her out of the stroller so she could walk. 

 She did right back to her stroller.  Zoe did not care for the whole walking thing.  

Can’t blame her,  it is nice just to sit and be treated like a queen. 

Loyal Subject Abbie      

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