Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tattoo tuesday

My husband is getting his first tattoo.  He has been wanting one for quite awhile.  I asked if I could go along and he said no.  I understand he want to do this by himself.  He let me take pictures of before and after.

I have seen shows like LA Inc and Miami Ink, so I have an idea what the process is like.   I have often thought of getting  one myself.  He went to a tattoo place to start the procedure.  Bill already had an idea what he wanted but he didn't see it in any of the books or on the wall.  Gus, the tattoo artist, had to draw an original design.  Since it is an original art work, they will post a picture of the tattoo and place it on the wall.

It is not an original idea but the design is unique.  Bill wanted to have the American and Irish flag on his arm.   I think it came out very well.  Gus did the job quickly but perfect. 

I love how the Irish flag came out  with such beautiful detail.  The effect was a little harder for the American flag to pull off.   It would have ruined the stripes had he done anymore to it.  I love how Gus provide a design and paid a great deal of attention to each section .  True artist!

Bill is very happy and very proud. :)



  1. Awesome tatt!!

    I am itching for some new artwork myself! Seems like everyone has the tattoo bug lately???

    I say you go for it and get one too!

  2. If you get one, please post pics of it, too! I don't have one myself, but they fascinate me!!! ;-)

  3. Cyn - Lol that would send my kids in a tizzy. If I did get one, I wouldn't know what to get. They have so many to choose from and my head is spinning just thinking about it :)

  4. Deb - They facinate me as well. If I do, I would document it very well with lots and lots of pictures :)

  5. I have one tattoo but would totally love another one. They seem to be addicting. I like them as long as they are not the gross gory stuff...

  6. Jules- i also heard they were addicting. Bill has even mentioned getting another one. Im with you not gory for me either.


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