Monday, August 15, 2011

The Arrival

I had the most busiest Friday of my life.  I worked a full day and I wanted to give the house a final cleaning.  Sean and his family were coming in late.   I get a call not a half hour after I started the clean sweep.  It is my dad,  "Are you ready?"  I blink and say with hesitation "yeah".  "Good, we will see you tomorrow at noon."  "Great, see you then!"  I think I passed out for a second. 

After I recovered from my initial shock, I go into overdrive.  My dad likes to wait until the last minute to tell me his plans.  I had asked him all week to let me know when he and his family would be arriving.  I was hoping he would have given me a full day notice. 

My Dad and his brother Juanito
I hadn't bought the extra food or beverages for the party.  I know  I had to get the house ready for the extra guests.

Thank goodness for Donna Marie!  She went to the store for me to get the extra party supplies.  I wouldn't have had the time in the morning to do all the needed to be done.

With the lack of sleep and the babies, I honestly didn't think everything would be ready for the party.  Bill went out in the morning to get the liquor.  Boy, did I want to partake as soon as it came into the house.
I cleaned until it was time to pick them up at 1 in the morning.  We left early which was a good thing.  There were road construction and one accident on the way to the airport.  We arrive just in time to meet them at the door.
I squealed with delight as soon as I saw them.

Sean told me Liam did very well on the plane ride.  What an angel!! 

While Zoe not so much, I don't know what to believe.  Look at her smile.  She looks like an angel :)

Bill couldn't wait to get her out of the stroller.
Bill carried her all the way to the car.  He didn't put her down until we had to drive. 
Denis waited for us back at home.  He couldn't wait to see his brother and his family.  
We stayed up for a few hours.  I was so exhausted but I was very happy.  I had a very long day ahead of me. But right before I past out on my pillow, I felt I was in heaven. 



  1. Your family is just lovely!

    What a bevy of blessings :)

  2. Cyn - Thank you! I do feel blessed :)


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