Thursday, August 4, 2011

Swedish Fish

I love, love, love swedish fish.  I could eat them every day.  I try not to look the calorie count when partaking.  It would be depressing because that would not stop me from eating it .  It would just add a layer of guilt.  Ignorance is bliss where Swedish fish are concerned.

My husband and I were coming back from visiting the kids and I was talking about Rita's water Ice. 

Italian Ice Rita's signature product is the Italian Ice, which is much smoother than a snow cone and combines ice with real fresh fruit; made fresh daily at each location and served within 36-hours of mixing.
Trans-Fat Free and made fresh daily in dozens of deliciously refreshing flavors.

Rita's water Ice have no acknowledgement of my existence or endorsement of their delicious product. Strictly my opinion.

I was talking to him about bringing the kid  when they visit to take them therm for a summer time treat.  It is delish.  Sean's girlfriend has never had it.  So I am excited about introducing this to her and Zoe.

Bill loves the mango.   I like their lemon and cherry.  I know it is boring.  As we were waiting in line, I was looking at their menu.  I saw they had a flavor and all it said was Swedish fish. I hooted with delight.  Could it taste like Swedish fish?  They let you have samples and by golly I sampled it.  OMG!!  Was I in heaven?  I immediately asked for a large!  The texture is not there but the flavor sure is.

I found a new way to enjoy my favorite treat.  I haven't looked at the calories for this frozen delight.  I don't want to be depressed while I devour this sweet concoction.  I heard you shouldn't eat when you are feeling blue. 

So bring on the sunshine and happy thoughts!!  Is it too late to get another one? Nah, never too late in Abbieland.

Insatiable Abbie


  1. Oh, yum! My husband sells swedish fish at his work. I am more a chocolate girl, but I still like swedish fish. I can definitely see why you love them. :)

  2. Yummmmmmmmmmmm @ Swedish Fish -- Brian isn't much on sweets (unlike me) -- but Swedish Fish are the one thing we universaly enjoy and devour!

  3. Oh, my! You make me laugh.

    Love the Swedish Fish too! I have never heard of Rita's. I looked at their website and not a single Rita's in Idaho. My husband and I are headed to Texas in a couple of weeks. I'll try to get to one then and try it out.

  4. A lot of products claim to taste the same as another, but this one really does :)

  5. Grumpy -Your husband sells them... You are my new best friend!!

  6. Cyn - Swedish fish brings people together :)

  7. LDS - Please let me know how it went in Texas when you try it out. With the weather the way it is, hopefully it won't melt by the time you get to your car!!

  8. It was sooooo hot in Texas. I would have loved to make it to Rita's. But we never did. We spent most of the time inside visiting with family. The people we were staying with had never heard of Rita's and I kept looking for one when we were driving around. I guess next time I should come more prepared with an address and a map.


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