Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Top Chef Contender

My husband has been on a cooking phase.  Or should I say, he has found a passion in cooking.  My days and nights have been full so when we do eat it is mostly take out or we got out to dinner. I think he missed home cooking so he went on the Internet and looked for easy recipes.  He has made a few meals that are very tasty.

Bill has been making gumbo, savory chicken, and last night he made paella.   He thought he made enough for two but the end result made it to feed 8.  It was delicious.  Paella requires more seafood but believe when I say there was more than enough in the pot.

The evening was made more special, when we made the meal together.  It was great being together.  I had always wanted to do this but for one reason or another we never dd.
Dish is so hot it steamed my lens.

I have stated before I need a recipe with instructions, when I cook.  I will read it line by line and follow the directions.  My husband does not work that way.  He reads it and does his own interpretation. I didn't want to ruin this moment so I just stepped back and didn't say a word.  

I like baking it is more precise.  Measurements, time, and order. I asked Bill if he wanted me to make dessert.  He liked the idea of brownies.  It had been awhile snce we haved had that treat.  After the paella, I didn't even want to look at food. I waited for the food to slide down and make it.  Bill helped me and he teased me when I told him to measure the water.  He was eye balling it and I told him no mister I need a 1/4 cup.  He teased me on being so OCD.  He used another word but this is nicer.  haha

The brownie was a nice finishing touch. It was delicious.

Bill and I did the dishes together he mentioned that we should do this more often and do more things together.  He made my heart skip a beat.  After almost 25 years,  he still wants to hang out with the old ball and chain.

I am not dumb I need to keep this man under lock and key :)

Prison Guard of Love Abbie


  1. Oh, how I wish my hubby would cook....a hot dog is about the extent of his skills. He will grill occasionally, but that's it!! Thanks for stopping by Wise Old Owl and answering the questions. I was so blessed to have my Mamaw with me for so long....wish I had taken more advantage of it than I did. At one time there were five generations of us living...and we got pictures!!! ;-)

    1. Hot Dogs.. that sounds good to me :)

      You had five generations!!! that is incredible :)

  2. Abbie, that is so sweet. I would say he is definitely a keeper :)

  3. beautiful testament to true love!!! lucky you!

  4. Lucky you!!! the food looks fabulous!


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