Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My heart

Through all this dreariness, my husband has been my strength.  He has been my sounding board and my refuge.  I do not know how I would have gone through this without him.

He surprised me today with a photo frame for my picture of my grandson's first school picture.  Bill also gave me a nice set of headphones.  That way I can listen to music or tv shows on my computer while I do research.  Its the little things that he does that give me peace of mind and hope.  Bill knows what I need during this time.  

We will also be going to our first ever new years eve party.  In all our years together, we have never gone out and get all gussied up for the new year.  We will be ringing this year in style.  I want to toast this year goodbye and start the new year on a great note.  I hope the new year will be a good one. 

What is special about the dancing part is that he hates to dance but is willing to be "opened" to it.  I know the real truth he is doing it for me because it will make me smile.  Bill knows I love to dance and he knows it will make me happy, if only for a little while. My husband is a good egg : )

I want to write again about all the good things that have happend with my grandkids and with my life.  Life has to move forward. 

I just have to remember to get back up and dust myself off, when I fall.  But its good to know Bill will be there with an outstretched hand for me to grab.

Dusty Abbie

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  1. wow darlin -- i am just catching up & my gosh do you have a lot on your shoulders right now. i wish i had words to comfort but it truly sounds like despite the severity of it all -- you are handling it amazingly. and having a supportive hubby is truly the best thing you could have!

    toasting the new year in some snazzy duds with your hubby is the best thing you can do!



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