Friday, December 16, 2011

Halloween 2011

I would say this is a little late in posting.  I was looking at some pictures and I had to write about it before too much time has past. 
This will occur more often and I probably will be posting Christmas items in July.  (insert laughter).

Some of my grandkids came to my house on Halloween.  I look forward to to seeing what costumes they will be wearing.  The theme for this year was The Wizard of Oz,  at least for half her kids.

Cowardly Lion - Jackson looking so cute in his lion outfit.

I love his little tail!

Miss Olivia was Dorothy. 

Josiah was Wolverine. I guess it is as close as you can get to the Scarecrow, if we were following with the theme of the Wizard of Oz.

As I look at this picture, the costume says a lot to me.  First, he wore it to school and you can tell.  Second, I loved touching his muscles.  Josiah was well padded.  He would pose for me.  Cutest thing.

Third, this brings back memories of when Denis, my youngest, wore a similar costume.  He didn't have padding but he loved to act like Wolverine.  He would pretend his fingers were the blades and even make the sound effects.  I have a video of my boy in a preschool play.  Always brings tears to my eyes.  How fast time has flown by.

Jesse was wearing The Lobster.  It is the first costume that was worn by Josiah.  Everyone of the kids have worn this little red number.  Unfortunately, Jesse fell asleep quickly after arriving my house and I never got to take the picture. 

On this night, Donna Marie and company arrived and took off to grab their loot of treats.  Bill went with them.  Bill loves to walk with them as they get candy. I like to be home and give out the candy and see all the costumes. There were some cute ones out there.

I think it was about an hour or so and they came back and started to raid their bags. 
My Miss Olivia looks beat.  Poor thing she worked hard for that candy.  Walking and trick and treating all over the place earning poops a little girl out. 

Happy Halloween!


  1. Oh your grandchildren are delightful Abbie. Such beautiful shots to keep forever and reflect on, the little lion is adorable :o)

  2. Julie -Thank you so much!
    All of them bring me great joy :)


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